On calm rivers, lakes or seashores far away from the ‘regular’ tourists, you’ll discover a Portugal that remains hidden for many…

Glide with your kayak over calm water, picnic on a little deserted sandy beach, swim in the crystal clear water and enjoy the peace, quietness, flora and fauna around you.

The kayaks are comfortable and stable, fast and easy to handle. You don’t need experience for joining one of these amazing trips Tugar can arrange for you. And of course, you will have an experienced guide.
 Portugal has a big variety of possibilities to glide on flat waters with a kayak.

From the river lakes in the international part of the Douro river, the Vouga river in de Vale do Vouga, until the Ria de Aveiro which will bring you to the sea. Kayaking is the perfect way to let yourself be immersed in nature and observe all the beautiful surprises that appear to those who move silently.

The coast line of Arrabida, a protected natural area underneath Lisbon, is one of the ideal places to take your kayak out into the sea. Far away from the crowd on land you will discover a new view with little deserted beaches, caves, cliffs and maybe spot a dolphin or just take a nice refreshing dive in the clear blue water!

Tugar can organize tours throughout most of Portugal. There are options both for beginners as for experienced paddlers.

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