At about an hour drive from Porto city it is possible to go for a 2 person canoe-rafting trip along one of the most beautiful rivers in Portugal.

In wintertime the river is famous for its white-water possibilities but in the summer the water levels are low and the river transforms into a quiet and beautiful place with a rapid once in a while but also sometimes with that low water that you need to get out of your canoe and walk a bit through the water. It is one of the less polluted and most beautiful rivers Portugal can offer and the activity will give you the opportunity to let yourself be absorbed by the surrounding nature and invites you to take a fresh dive in the crystal clear water.

In the Vale do Vouga, at about an hour southward from Porto, it is possible to go kayaking. This beautiful valley has a number of other outdoor activities. Because of its central location, the valley is a very good option for those who like to alternate a day at the beach with the beautiful surroundings of the Portuguese interior.

You will be guided by a professional guide who knows the place like no other and allows you to have an adventurous but safe experience. The activity will take about three hours but be aware that you will be busy all day long. At the end of the activity a local snack will be served.

The canoe-rafting and kayak season starts in the late spring and ends at the end of the summer.
There are different possibilities for both beginners as skilled practitioners!

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