Serra de Freita

Serra de Freita is part of the Geological park within an hours drive of Porto city. It belongs to the Unesco Global Geoparks Network.

The park is therefore known for its unique geological phenomena such as the Pedras Parideiras, or birth giving stones, its spectacular rock formations and the 246 feet high waterfall.

The Serra de Freita covers the highlands of the park. It’s a beautiful place where nature still prevails. We will select trails to hike through the park tailored to meet your requirements and interests.

For example, we can do a round walk to the base of the waterfall, or stay on the higher ground or even visit some old villages where time seems to have stopped a century ago. It is a beautiful area where you can see a lot of interesting things. The cattle roam freely, turning for home by themselves at the end of the day. You can also encounter shepherds directing their sheep and goats to the best pastures.

At the end of the hike we’ll taste some of the local cuisine.

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Vale do Vouga

At about an hour south from Porto, 40 minutes from the Atlantic coast you find the Valley of the Vouga river, an important vein in this area because of its historical and cultural importance but not least because of its beautiful nature.

The hikes through the Vouga Valley will take you through a scenery of small rural villages, green valleys and a meandering river. There are many options to enjoy the calming and inspiring nature that surrounds you along the hike. We’ll be glad to guide you on short, long, difficult or easy hikes along the valley!

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Caramulo Mountains

We’ll be hiking through the Caramulo mountains.

These mountains, situated about an hour from Porto centre, are composed of granite and slate. Moorland and broom are the dominant flora in the region. In these mountains you have plenty of reasons to enjoy the varied nature. There are a lot of crystal clear mountain creeks crossing through the area which, together with some century old trees and the abandoned watermills create a fairytale like scenery.

You’ll walk through a multitude of different shades of green formed by the leaves, small fields, moss and lichens that are growing on the trees. The appearance of lichens indicate really clean air quality, a known aspect of this mountain range.

The Caramulinho, with its highest point at 668 miles above sea level, offers you a perfect view of the surroundings. From the peaks with clear weather, you can see the sea on one side and, until spring, the snowy tops of the Serra de Estrela on the other side.

The Caramulo mountains are almost a secret place, adorable because of their diverse scenery, hidden valleys and the amazing views from the mountain tops.

At the end of the hike you’ll have the option to enjoy some local cuisine.

It is possible to divide the tour over two days and camp on a wild field at night where we enjoy a simple and delicious home made meal.

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