Portugal has the perfect natural settings for watertrekking due to its mountainous interior and hundreds of little mountain creeks and and rivers.

During watertrekking you will walk through a river while immersed by nature. It is an excellent activity for a warm Portuguese summer day, offering a lot of opportunities to take a little dive in the refreshing waters. The activity is similar to canyoning but without any abseiling. You will climb over the river rocks and sometimes you need to swim a little.

The activity requires your concentration and attention and is the ultimate way to reach places that are only accessible through the river, giving you the chance to admire nature in its pristine forms.

Watertrekking is an excellent option for active family holidays, both kids and parents will enjoy the adventurous experience. You will be guided by expert guides who know the place like no other and who will let you have an unforgettable experience in a safe environment.

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