Biking in Portugal

Biking in Portugal

Portugal is an excellent place for those who like to bike. Its geo-morphological landscape and its cultural variety create a lot of different opportunities. The choice actually just depends on the time of year and the abilities and interest of the participant.

Tugar organizes tailor made biking holidays to be able to adjust your journey to your specific and personal preferences. You can choose to either:

Use a basecamp. Using one accommodation as a base we organise daily tours for 2 to 4 days, depending on the region. We might use transfers between the accommodation and the beginning/end of the tour. Potentially it is possible to repeat this again in another region.

This option is preferable for those who do not like to change accommodation every day.

Regional. We organise small tours from 2 to 4 days within one region, biking each day to arrive at the next accommodation. We repeat the same in another region using a transfer to get you from one region to the other. This option is preferable for those who want to see a larger area of Portugal.

Long tours. With this option you really feel you are making the journey by bike. We ride from one accommodation to the next and try not to use any transfers in between. Tugar has set out three different tours that meet these criteria. Each of the tours are about 7 days duration. The tours take place in the Douro region, the Beira region and the Alentejo.

In all options Tugar takes care of the luggage transfers and gives technical and personal support.

For logistical reasons, availability of suitable accommodations, and to be able to give personal support, Tugar prefers groups between 3 and 6 participants.

Tugar has mountain-bikes available, adapted for dirt roads and asphalt roads. The ability level for these activities is average to average/difficult.

With some options it is possible to organise other activities such as horse-riding, kayaking, trekking and visiting other interesting locations.

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