Canyoning for kids

Canyoning for kids

Canyoning for kids

This canyoning for kids is specially designed for children but is just as exciting for the children as for the parents who come along. It is a unique and adventurous activity for the whole family.

During canyoning, you will learn abseiling and how to descend a river. The perfect way to experience this exciting activity in an adventurous and playful way!

Natural water paradise

The trail has a number of natural attractions such as a natural water slide, small river lakes and, of course, the abseil wall. It is a relatively short canyoning which makes it possible to perform the ‘challenges’ several times and in different ways. This allows everyone to improve their own abilities and overcome challenges.

At the end of this canyoning for children, there is another higher abseil wall for those who want a little more challenge.

The guides will make sure you have an exciting experience where safety is paramount. The activity lasts about three hours, but can be adapted to the participants’ needs.

Afterwards, a well-deserved local snack and drink will be waiting for you.

Other activities

You can combine this canyoning for children very well with other activities we offer in the Vale do Vouga and the Arouca geopark such as river trekking, kayaking, Stand Up Paddle or hiking. Tugar also arranges accommodation near the activities so we can organise a completely tailor-made holiday for you. Tell us what you would like to do and where and we will send you a no-obligation proposal.

You can also have a look at the Holiday Packs and Pick&Mix pages.

Come and enjoy an active holiday in beautiful Portugal with your whole family!

Minimum age 7 years.

For children under 7 years of age, the options will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Swimming experience mandatory.

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