Hiking Arrábida Natural Park

Hiking Arrábida Natural Park

Hiking Arrábida Natural Park

Hiking in the Arrábida Natural Park is a great experience. Arrábida Natural Park is a nature reserve on the Setúbal peninsula with the highest point being the 501-metre-high Pico do Formosinho. The park stretches for 35 kilometres.

It is an hour’s drive below Lisbon. You can choose to stay in Lisbon and take a day trip to the park. But it is also possible to stay near the park to get even more out of this experience! After all, there is plenty to see and do.

About the Arrábida Natural Park

Located by the sea, between Setúbal and the fishing town of Sesimbra, the  Arrábida Natural Park has an incomparable beauty where the blue of the sea is interspersed with the white hues of the limestone formations and the green of the lush vegetation that covers the mountains.

The wealth of vegetation is one of the park’s biggest attractions. Here you will find one of the rare examples of Mediterranean maquis, and the preservation of this vegetation was one of the reasons for considering this mountain range an international scientific relic. To keep it intact, access to some parts of the park is only possible with a guide designated by the park.

CORINE Biotope

The nature park is included in international conservation networks. The entire territory is classified as an area of special conservation interest – CORINE Biotope.

Several walks have been set out in the park where you will be accompanied by experienced guides.

In the same area, you can do many other fun activities such as coasteering, kayaking, dolphin spotting and visiting caves.


We can also make a tailor-made proposal for you with different activities. In doing so, you can stay at a wonderful accommodation near the activities.

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