Canyoning consists of climbing down a mountain creek using ropes and harnesses, or, if you like, by jumping into little creek river pools formed by the waterfalls. That way it is possible to get to the most remote places only accessible from within the river. On a hot summers day, canyoning is the best way to go outdoors into the nature. The rivers we visit are adequate for everybody, with or without experience, giving the thrills of its challenges and plentiful rushes of adrenaline.

For those who require a more challenging canyoning experience just let is know!

We can also arrange canyoning for kids where they have the opportunity to, in a secure environment, experience this amazing activity for the first time.

Although not recommended for those with fear of heights and water, for those who would like the challenge but feel less confident you will be in good hands, guided every step of the way by a specialised team that ensures you have an adventurous yet safe experience!

The canyoning season starts in late spring and will go on until the beginning of autumn.

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