Hiking in the Vale do Vouga

Hiking in the Vale do Vouga

Hiking in the Vale do Vouga

Hiking in the Vale do Vouga means being immersed in a scenario of rural villages, green valleys and a meandering river.

Half an hour’s drive away from the coast, 60 km south of Porto, the Vale do Vouga lets you get to know a very different Portugal. Green, hidden, with lots of small waterfalls and stunning views… On and around the river and reservoir of the Vale do Vouga there are a lot of outdoor activities to do, such as canyoning, water trekking, SUP, kayaking and hiking…

There are many hiking opportunities to enjoy the calming and inspiring effect of the nature that surrounds you. Longer and shorter, heavier and lighter walks are available.

Our guides know this area like the back of their hand and will show you the secrets of this beautiful valley. Of course, there is also time to discover some of the local gastronomy.

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Other activities

As mentioned, there are many more fun activities you can do in the Vale do Vouga. Like canyoning, stand-up paddle boarding, river trekking and kayaking. We also collaborate with several nice accommodations here. It’s a great place to stay for a few days or a week, undertake various activities and relax at the end of the day by the pool with a snack and a drink.

Of course, you can also choose to hit a river beach. A good place for this, for example, is Quinta do Barco. This river beach has a natural pool with lifeguards a bar and a playground making it ideal to go there with the kids.

There are also several unspoilt river beaches, for those who like this better. Just be careful of the currents and different depths. These can sometimes make for less safe situations.

We can also put together a tailor-made proposal for you with various activities and accommodation. For this, take a look at Holiday Packs Portugal and Pick & Mix Portugal.