Railbiking in Portugal: An adventure activity you must try

Are you looking for a unique and exciting adventure activity? Then come railbiking in Portugal! This thrilling experience allows you to ride along the old railway line in Marvão, enjoying beautiful scenery and an exhilarating ride on a specially designed bike that glides effortlessly along the rails.

Whether you are a solo adventurer or looking for a fun activity to enjoy with family or friends, railbiking in Portugal is an activity you just have to try. With breathtaking scenery, winding tracks and Marvão just a stone’s throw away, this activity is well worth doing. To complete the thrill, you can spend the night in Marvão’s converted railway station.

History of railbiking

Railbiking originated in the 1990s in South Korea as a way to reuse old railway lines. Over the years, this activity has become increasingly popular and has spread around the world. It is a unique way to see the natural beauty of the landscape while travelling through it in an unusual way.

The bikes used for railbiking are specially designed to ride on rails. They have large wheels and special tyres to provide grip on the rails.

Other activities near Marvão

It is worth visiting Marvão anyway. It is also possible to go horse riding in the same area. Email us for more information on this.

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