Hiking at the Unesco Geopark

Hiking at the Unesco Geopark

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The Geological Natural Park and is located about an hour’s drive from Porto. The park has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The park is known for its geological phenomena such as the Pedras parideiras or the falling rocks, its unique rock formations and its 75 metre high waterfall.

It is a beautiful place where nature plays a dominant role.

We have several walks here. We can walk along the waterfall, stay on the plateau or visit various old villages, or walk along with a local shepherd for a day, depending on our stamina and wishes.

It is a beautiful area where there is always a lot to see. During the day, cows and horses walk around freely and in the evening they come walking back to the stable on their own. Furthermore, you often come across shepherds with their goats.

In some places, it seems as if time has stood still and the inhabitants are still fighting a hard battle to make a living in this area. When the weather is nice, we can cool down in one of the small mountain streams.

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