Your tailor made holiday

Your tailor made holiday

Tugar works Tailor Made

Programmes specially tailored for you by people who think along with you. We do both the booking of single activities as well as arranging complete programmes with accommodations, transfers, activities and on the road suggestions. Do you have an idea you can’t find back on our site? Do not hesitate to contact us! With mutual consultation we can arrange almost everything! We work both for individuals, families as well as for larger groups!

How does the site works?

Take a look at the activities you’ll like to undertake, let us know if you’re also looking for an accommodation and what kind of staying you fancy, tell us what you please to do and in no time we come back to you with an unique programme, specially made for you! Take a look at the samples below and get inspired by the possibilities!


Mastermind your personal holiday idea:

Maybe you got a great idea but you can’t find it on our site? Please let us know what you’re thinking of and we will look up the possibilities for you and get back to you with a personally worked out plan. Do you want to know more about the options and conditions? Send us a mail to and you will receive all the necessary information.

Accommodations for groups and retreats:

Do you want to give a workshop, a retreat or just want to enjoy some days in the inland of Portugal with a large group? We can arrange nice and countryside accommodations for groups and you can off-course schedule some nice outdoor activities as well.

Mail us so we can see what the best options for you are: