What do our clients say?

What do our clients say?

What do our clients say?

Here’s what our customers have to say about us!

Thank you very much again for your mediation. Both activities were a hit!

The end of the second day hiking was the most impressive! The canyoning guides were both such lovely people and also very attentive to making sure everything went well and always willing to give you a little support!

Borg G.

We had a fantastic holiday! Despite, or maybe even thanks to the setback. Of course, Patricia in Porto, as well as Alfredo and his driver (I can’t remember his name) helped us enormously. What a nice people. And then the places themselves that you had arranged. At Alfredo’s was top, and we thought it could not get any better. But you were right to go to the Vale do Vouga for four nights. Dona Fatima really pampered us. Upon arrival, we received a welcome drink (immediately a bottle of rosé), and the next day at the pool she came again, this time with a bottle of white. Well, that was no punishment. And then, on top of that, all the activities. They were all great.

So, all in all, great organisation, thank you very much. And if anyone is interested in a trip to Portugal, you can count on my recommendation.

Marcus B.

The canyoning was a very fun and exciting experience for our children and also for myself! Sliding in the cold water, between the rocks was very nice, the rappel along dry rock went smoothly, rappel in the waterfall was quite difficult. The jumping in the water (7m) we all did and was not so evident; the jumping from 11m was only done by our son!

Also the return trip with a 100m walk in a narrow tunnel under the rock was exciting and completed the whole experience (our trip lasted from 3pm to 7pm); a great experience!

The walk via the wooden footbridge was also very successful. The guide was very enthusiastic to give us all explanations about geology and the wooden walkway along the Paiva River. Again very nice views along this river, rocks, waterfalls and also a clean stop at a small natural sandy beach. After 8.5 km we reached the end point (meanwhile already 8 am and great in the evening sun). On the way back we got a ‘free ride’ from the driver (a jeep tour along bumpy paths to the top, where we had a nice view of the geopark!).

In short, 2 very successful activities!

Els L.

It was a particularly fun and sporty experience with excellent supervision.

During the caving session, we were told enthusiastically and passionately how the caves were formed, which animals used to live there and how these caves were discovered.

A particularly fun and educational morning and afternoon and therefore highly recommended for anyone who wants something different.

Henk J.

The trip was super! How wonderful, tough, groundbreaking and challenging at the same time.

Mandy H.

It was a great trip and the activities we organised through you were top notch!
The accommodation you arranged was great too. Alfredo is a nice guy and the location and facilities were fine.
The transfer with Pedro also went well.
Thank you very much for arranging it!

John O.

The first location is almost over and it was lovely. Tomorrow we will move on to the next location. Also the activities were super.

We also had a great time in the second accommodation! Very friendly people and great activities. Especially the canyoning was fantastic.

We found it a very beautiful and quiet area. After that we went to Lisbon and Sintra and we really had to get used to the hustle and bustle again.

Thanks for the excellent organisation!

Peter F.

We had a great time this holiday and all the activities we did were well organised and we really enjoyed it. Our compliments for this, both for the locations, activities and the surroundings.

The children found the coasteering activity the most enjoyable.

All in all a super holiday.

Peter A.

We were very well received and had a great time! The beautiful hike as well as the lodge with the swimming pool were a hit. Definitely something to experience or to do again, there is still so much to do!

Thanks for your contribution and see you again!

Griet R.

We will definitely do Portugal again soon, 3 weeks were much too short. We will definitely contact you then.

Roderick L.

The kids loved the bodyboarding and want 2 more days of lessons. I’m afraid we don’t have any time left for more activities. Enough reasons to come back and contact you again. Thank you so much for the perfect service. I will recommend Tugar to everyone!

Sabine V.

It was a great day, which went well and safely, compliments to the guide!

John T.

Today is our last day on the quinta and so far we have enjoyed it very much!

Host is top. He really goes out of his way to make sure you have a nice stay.

The canyoning was also very successful. The guidance was super and well adapted to the children.

Our teenage daughters enjoyed it very much!

Thank you very much for the good service also from your side.

We have a very nice stay here!

Katja D.

It was very cool yesterday with Octavio as a very good guide. He prepared it very well, made delicious sandwiches and nice pictures.

Thanks for the organisation!

Veronique B.

Last week we did a canyoning trip at Porto in the Geopark. It was perfectly organised and especially compliments for the 2 gentlemen, who felt super responsible and gave our kids confidence.

Wendy B.

As promised, here is some more feedback on our successful holiday!

We would make the trip again in a flash!
Thanks a lot for this!

Wendy C.

For the children (12,13,14) it was the first experience with canyoning.

The jumps into the water, the secured descent, etc. – they took it all in their stride / found it exciting, but were not afraid. This was also due to the guides, who gave good explanations and remained calm. That gave them confidence.

Beautiful route. Beautiful rock formations, and clambering under/between the rocks was an extra adventure.

We have now downloaded the photos via WeTransfer – also nice that the organisation took care of that.

In short, we are very satisfied.

Leonie V.