Outdoor Holidays in Portugal

Outdoor Holidays in Portugal

Outdoor holidays in Portugal

Outdoor holidays in Portugal can be an amazing experience.

In fact, much of the richness of this country is hidden in the middle of nature: beautiful canyons, narrow and crystal-clear mountain rivers, waterfalls, forests, lakes and all in a very varied landscape.

Tugar organizes outdoor holidays in Portugal, where we offer a host of fun activities.

The activities are ideally suited for families who like to have fun together in an adventurous way and in a safe environment. Tugar’s activities take place in the most beautiful places that are often hidden from the ‘ordinary’ tourist. After all, we prefer not to go to the usual places.

How it works

We arrange everything from the moment you tell us where you want to go and what you would like to do.

The guides Tugar works with are from the area and know the place like no other. Moreover, they have years of experience guiding participants. Tugar knows the activities and guides personally and can therefore make unique proposals to suit your special needs.

Moreover, we work together with nice family-friendly accommodations where you, as a customer of Tugar, will be very well received.

Of course, should you need anything during your stay, we are also there for you.

In short, all you have to do is enjoy this wonderful country!

Holiday Packs Portugal

You can choose from separate activities, or go for a Holiday Pack Portugal where we have already combined activities and accommodation for you. These holiday packs have different activities and accommodation and come in options of three, five, seven or ten days. So you can see what fits best into your holiday planning. The holiday packs are suggestions that can of course also be adapted to your specific needs and wishes.

Pick & Mix Portugal

Would you like to undertake activities in different places in Portugal? Then take a look at our Pick & Mix Portugal options. Here you will find activities divided by region, useful if you have already planned your own road-trip!

Round-trip Porto – Lisbon

Want a ready-made road-trip that shows you a large part of Portugal? Then choose a Round-trip Porto – Lisbon. Here we have blended culture, nature, activities and comfortable accommodation to give you a good impression of what Portugal has to offer!

Click on the links and get inspired by our extensive offer!



Outdoor holidays in Portugal: Canoe-raft
Outdoor holidays in Portugal: Canyoning
Outdoor holidays in Portugal: Canyoning for kids
Canyoning for kids
Outdoor holidays in Portugal: Coasteering
Outdoor holidays in Portugal: hikings
Outdoor holidays in Portugal: kayaking
Outdoor holidays in Portugal: Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle
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Suspension bridge
Suspension bridge


Wing foil
Wing Foil


Sightseeing Lisbon
Sightseeing Lisbon
Outdoor holidays in Portugal: climbing
Outdoor holidays in Portugal: caving
Outdoor holidays in Portugal: snorkeling
Outdoor holidays in Portugal: Dolphin Spotting
Dolphin Spotting



Outdoor holidays in Portugal: Scuba diving
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